Run Gino Admin Panel with Cli

gino-admin run #module_name_with_models -d postgresql://%(DB_USER):%(DB_PASSWORD)@%(DB_HOST):%(DB_PORT)/%(DB)

gino-admin run --help # use to get cli help
Optional params:
    -d --db
        Expected format: postgresql://%(DB_USER):%(DB_PASSWORD)@%(DB_HOST):%(DB_PORT)/%(DB)
        Example: postgresql://gino:gino@%gino:5432/gino (based on DB settings in examples/)
        Notice: DB credentials can be set up as  env variables with 'SANIC_' prefix
    -h --host
    -p --port
    -c --config Example:  -c "presets_folder=examples/base_example/src/csv_to_upload;some_property=1"
                Notice: all fields that not supported in config will be ignored, like 'some_property' in example
    --no-auth  Run Admin Panel without Auth in UI
    -u --user Admin User login & password
        Expected format: login:password
        Example: admin:1234
        Notice: user also can be defined from env variable with 'SANIC_' prefix - check Auth section example


gino-admin run examples/run_from_cli/src/ --db postgresql://gino:gino@localhost:5432/gino -u admin:1234