Supported Features

  • Auth by login/pass with cookie check; Disable auth
  • Multiple Users & Manage Admin users from Panel
  • Create(Add new) item by one for the Model
  • Search/sort in tables
  • Upload/export data from/to CSV
  • Delete all rows/per element
  • Copy existed element (data table row)
  • Edit existed data (table row)
  • SQL-Runner (execute SQL-queries)
  • Presets: Define order and Load to DB bunch of CSV-files
  • Init DB (Full clean up behavior: Drop tables & Recreate)
  • Deepcopy element (recursive copy all rows/objects that depend on chosen as ForeignKey)
  • Composite CSV: Load multiple relative tables in one CSV-file
  • Customize UI (switch colors, add custome title in header)
  • History tracking of actions in DB (logs in admin panel)

Features in TODO List

  • Add possible to add new Presets from GUI
  • Select multiple for delete/copy
  • Edit multiple items (?)
  • Roles
  • Filters in Table’s columns

If you want to have any other feature - just open the github issue with description - https://github.com/xnuinside/gino-admin/issues